Syazwan Crew a.k.a Ph3noMiz3 Sl4y3r Was Here !
We are Not Hackers,We Just Doing Some Crackers,,We are Just Like You,We Listen,We Remember But We Care!
|Don't Panic|Be Safe|Stay cool|
thanks to : Cyb3rS3c , D3vilS3c , H4cKer4CybeR , 
Malaya Hackerz Crewz {MHC} , N3wB13s H4cK3r , Phantom Crews , Fr0z3nCrew , RileksCrew , DragonForce.

Lets Fly and Enjoy the Music ! : Rocketeer!

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We Are Not H4ck3rs

We are just like You!

Better Watch Out or Get Ready to be Knock Out!

I found a security problem for your blogspot, Please Notify That You Can Be A Victim of Anybody.*Jangan risau,saya baik,hehe*

Hacked By P h E n o M i Z e S L a y E R